7 Awesome Ways To Celebrate a High School Graduation

How Do You Celebrate a High School Graduation?

After graduating from high school, the main reward, aside from the knowledge that you have earned throughout the years you spent studying, is that you are done with schooling—at least until the start of your college journey.

This means that you can have some fun and chill moments with your classmates, friends, and family. Although the class of 2020 will be a little different when it comes to celebration, they will still get their diplomas. However, the after-party will be slightly different.

How do you celebrate high school graduation? Among the things you can do to celebrate your high school graduation is to have some friends and family over for a meal. However, considering that there is an ongoing pandemic, you can choose a video party as a replacement.

In this article, you’ll learn how to celebrate your high school graduation. It might allow you to blow off some steam before you enter your preferred university or college.

Fun Ways to Celebrate High School Graduation

The class of 2020 is probably one of the most affected groups of people during this global pandemic. There are plenty of schools that decided to close, and there are no open restaurants and bars where you can celebrate and party all night.

Stay-at-home mandates are all over the place, and as a result, many events have been canceled. But that doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate your high school graduation.

Here are some ideas about where to celebrate graduation even though there is an ongoing global pandemic. These are very creative and social-distancing friendly.

Organize a Video Party

One of the best parts of a graduation ceremony is that you can have happy times with your friends as well as your family to celebrate this joyous event. With the advancement of technology, there’s no way you won’t be able to hold this gathering.

Your friends and family can set up a virtual party, like a Zoom call, in honor of the graduate. You can have a toast with your favorite drink and give messages to the graduate.

For extra impact, you can keep the call’s time and date a surprise for the new grad and have them come to the computer at the right time. This is probably the closest they can get to a surprise graduation party.

Also, the video allows relatives and friends who live far away to join and participate in the call.

Commission a Celebrity to Be Your Commencement Speaker

During a graduation ceremony, there is usually a commencement speaker who talks about their achievements in life. But truth be told, this is the boring part, especially if the speaker reads their speech.

With modern technology, you can find your very own commencement speaker, whether it is an actor from your favorite films, a Real Housewife, or some characters from your favorite TV shows.

All of this can be done if you use and book it in Cameo. This is a service that allows you to purchase a personalized video message from different participating celebrities.

This includes Tom Felton, Bethenny Frankel, Leslie David Baker, and many more. You only need to download the application, look for a celebrity, and write a brief description of what you’d like them to say.

If your favorite artist is not on Cameo, you can find some classic commencement speeches on YouTube, like those from Conan O’Brien, Oprah Winfrey, and Toni Morrison. You will still get the inspirational impact of a great graduation speech.

There is also a virtual graduation ceremony for all graduates that takes place on Facebook or Instagram. It features many appearances from prominent people like Barack Obama, Oprah, Simone Biles, and many more.

Create Your Own Video Gift

Finding the perfect time for everyone will be difficult. If you cannot find the perfect time, you can use Tribute. One person will invite others to record a short video message, and it will all be edited into one touching video.

You don’t need to be a film-editing expert. Tribute’s interface will make it easy for you to compile all the videos effortlessly once they are all received.

If you plan to use Venmo or CashApp to send a gift, you can try GiftCast. It is software that lets you send money plus a video message. You can give your message and money at the same time.

Build a Collection of Photos Using a Bluetooth Printer

If you have not heard about the Bluetooth printer, you are missing out on so much. Using a personal Bluetooth printer eliminates the hassle of a regular printer in terms of photo paper and zapping ink cartridges.

The HP Sprocket 200 Printer will be a great option, as its prints come out with a sticky back that is ready for use.

This type of printer uses thermal technology to print photos. If you are going for a vintage vibe, you can check out the Fujifilm Instax, which prints Polaroids on demand. Once you have all the printouts, you can stick them in a journal or small scrapbook and write something, like a quote or a story.

The best part about all this is that you can do it together on Zoom or Google Hangouts. You can show the pictures you like via webcam and laugh about the memories together.

Bring the Big Screen to Your Backyard

A lot of people are staying in touch with their friends and families through virtual movie nights. But why settle for this when you can take it to the next level and create your own big cinema in your own backyard?

All you need is a protector to screen movies under the stars. You can watch with friends by playing it simultaneously and chatting via Zoom or Google Hangouts.

It is also ideal to install a Google Chrome extension called Netflix Party. The streaming service will automatically synchronize video playback among computers. This extension features an internal group chat so you can talk while you’re watching.

To make things fancy, you can have some wine and a mini cheese board. If you live with your family, you can also invite them. Make some popcorn and spread a blanket on the lawn.

Cook a Delicious Meal or Order Takeaway

A graduation party isn’t technically a party without lots and lots of food. To celebrate this special day with your loved ones, you can whip out some of the graduate’s favorite dishes and cook them with some of the graduate’s favorite desserts.

However, if you don’t like to cook, there are alternative ways to enjoy some goodies during your graduation party.

One possibility is to place an order with a wide variety of delivery services, like Crowd Cow, which sells fresh farm-to-table meats. They also have lobster tails.

Alternatively, you can order from a nice restaurant that offers the graduate’s favorite takeout meals. There are plenty of apps available to make this easier for you.

There is also an ongoing trend in which a TikTok user made their own themed dinners, ranging from a Cinderella-inspired dining table to a variety of fairy tales. The choices are endless. You just need to go all out with your creative side.

Set up a Festive-Inspired Grill for a Family Grad Party

If takeout or cooking a meal in the kitchen is not your thing, you can always gather the family in the backyard for a very American celebratory barbecue.

Whether you grill up some Angus beef quarter pounders or veggie burgers, you should have one after graduation.

Barbecues are a tradition for many families, and using one to celebrate high school graduation is exciting.

To make the barbecue more festive, you can incorporate graduation decor. Put up some celebratory banners, balloons, and grad-cap designs.


Graduation season is one of the busiest times of the year. Despite the global pandemic, it deserves to be celebrated.

Graduates might not be able to participate in regular graduation rites and celebrations, but that doesn’t mean you have to give up on the celebration. There are many ways to celebrate all the graduate’s achievements during these tough times.

Parents and many communities are being called upon to use their imagination and think outside the box. With everyone helping, all graduates can enjoy a “new normal” in celebrating this achievement in their lives.

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