A Cool Way To To Give Money As A Grad Gift

How Much Money Do You Give a High School Graduate?

With the beginning of summer comes high school graduations. Cash is the most common gift for a high school graduate. Yet, the amount you give is debatable.

How much money do you give a high school graduate? Cash gift amounts are often given depending on how familiar you are with the graduate. However, most people suggest that you give $20 to $80 if you are a relative. Distant people can give $15 as a cash gift.

Money does not need to be wrapped but at least make it unforgettable. I will offer a creative tip on how to give a cash gift to the graduate. Learn more about it as you read through this article.

Cash Gift Guidelines

Cash is still a welcome reward for graduation. Graduates can face unforeseen costs, whether they are going off to college or beginning a career.

If you are unsure how much to give, you can think first about what you can afford and then your friendship with the graduate. For a graduation present, there is no clear number that etiquette specifies is suitable. However, to help you make a choice, here are a few tips:

  • Friends and siblings: $15 to $80
  • Parents: $100 or more
  • Grandparents: $50 to $100 or more

Making the Cash Gifts More Special

Money can be given effortlessly—you can put it in an envelope or simply hand it to the graduate. But don’t you think it is best to give them the money in a way that they’d appreciate even more? After all, presentation is everything!

Money Tree

The money tree is the most popular presentation for a money gift. Unlike a money bouquet, you don’t have to roll and wrap the cash to make it look good. You simply pin the money to a styrofoam ball, and voila!

Here are some of the things you need to make one:

  • Greening pins or floral pins (should be U-shaped pins)
  • Burlap ribbon for the base, colored ribbon for the dowel rod
  • Dowel rod
  • Small pot
  • Foam ball
  • Foam that will fit snugly inside the pot

Follow these steps:

  1. Insert one end of the dowel rod halfway into the foam ball.

  2. Snugly insert the second foam into the jar. Place the other end of the dowel rod into the foam so that it reaches the bottom of the pot.

  3. In the center, gently pinch a dollar bill so that the ends point upward. To stick the pinched portion of the dollar bill to the ball, use a pin. Take a second bill for a dollar and pin it next to the first one.

  4. Repeat until the entire ball is covered.

TIP: As you go, fluff and arrange the ends of the dollar bills. This will ensure that no parts of the styrofoam can be seen.

  1. To cover the foam inside the pot, use a burlap ribbon.
  2. Around the center of the dowel rod, tie a bow with a cute ribbon.


With a lot of imagination, monetary graduation presents are an outstanding concept. With your cash gift, do something distinctive and make the presentation something to remember. The action will be enjoyed by your graduating senior, no matter how much you give the graduate.

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