A Silver Cord Mean at Graduation Mean This

Silver Honor Cord

Graduation is one of the highlights for many students, whether they are graduating from primary school, high school, or college.

Grabbing one of the most prestigious graduation honors can serve as an extra badge of distinction when you receive your diploma. Depending on your academic performance, you can receive an honor or degree cord to attach to your mortarboard.

What does a silver cord mean at graduation? Silver honor cords are twisted cords with a tassel on each end. Whether silver or grey, these honor cords are awarded mainly to students who pursue degrees in medical science.

In today’s post, you will get a better understanding of what graduation cords mean.

How Do You Graduate With Honors?

If you are curious about graduate cords, their colorful strands have a tassel on each end and are worn around the graduate’s neck. Depending on the color, the graduation cords indicate a wide variety of achievements.

Usually, all graduates with Latin honors may wear an honor cord, as can students who belong to campus organizations.

The Association of College Honor Societies has a very system for graduation honor colors. These standardized systems are very consistent across the academic landscape. But it is still up to other institutions to develop their own color codes.

To get your graduation honor, you need to have an excellent record of academics, sports, or leadership. Every school has its own traditions, but there are common honors shared among hundreds of institutions.

The only way to graduate with honors is probably by reaching an outstanding GPA. Once you achieve a high GPA, you will earn a Latin honor on your diploma.

You will also be able to mention the honor on your resume. As a result, you will improve your prospects when you apply for a job.

The Three Latin Honors

  1. Cum Laude – From Latin, this means With Praise. Some colleges say students graduated with honors instead of Cum Laude. If you want to achieve this honor, you need to have a 3.5 GPA.

  2. Magna Cum Laude – From Latin, this means With Great Honor. Many colleges require students to have at least a 3.75 GPA to earn this distinction.

  3. Summa Cum Laude – This Latin phrase can be translated into With Highest Honor, as it is the most prestigious academic award. You need to have at least a 3.79 GPA to be able to receive it.

School Graduation Cords

Graduation cords have a different meaning depending on their style and color, and they express an honorable badge of excellence.

They will be awarded while you are receiving your diploma or degree by any of your school officials. This is a universal award placed around the students’ necks to reflect their excellence.

These cords are some of the most noticeable graduation items, with a rope-like structure made of intertwined thick strings with tassels attached to both ends.

You might be wondering what the difference is between graduation cords, honor cords, and graduation rope. The truth of the matter is, they are all the same.

The only difference is that they can be categorized into different colors, and they have their own respective meanings. Many college organizations and societies award cords to represent involvement in the organization’s activities.

Honor cords can come in different colors, and every color has its meaning to express an individual achievement. Here are among the most popular ones and their corresponding meanings:


Gold is usually the most popular cord in many graduation cords. It is awarded mainly to any student with high academic achievement or a high GPA.

You can expect to get a gold cord on your graduation day if you have a high GPA, National Honor Society membership, or other academic honors.


These cords are distributed to many graduating students with a degree in business administration, commerce, business education, accounting, labor relations, or commercial sciences.


The red honor cord represents achievements in the principles of divinity, public health, journalism, music, conservation, and even canon law.


The purple cord is usually worn to reflect the achievements of dental and law students. It is also awarded to many graduating students with a degree in architecture and urban planning.


Maroon honor cords represent achievement by the same organizations as red honor cards.

Silver Honor Cards

Silver and grey honor cords are usually awarded to graduating students who are pursuing medical science degrees.

Description and Look

Silver honor cords are made from a set of twisted cords with a tassel on each end. The honor cords are then shipped together or can be separated at your disposal.

Each half-cord is almost 30 inches long. Each tassel is about 4 inches long, and honor cords in this variant are made from rayon.

Typical Uses

These silver honor cords are used to recognize specific individuals’ achievements and participation. They are generally worn during commencement exercises.

Honor cords are used by many colleges, universities, community colleges, high schools, and some middle schools.

Who Buys Honor Cords?

Honor cords can usually be purchased only by a staff member of the honor society, fraternity, or sorority. They are also available for valedictorians or summa cum laude, magna cum laude, or cum laude awardees.

Honor Societies Using Silver

Silver honor cords play a vital role in honor societies for many universities and college graduations. Honor societies that use silver as part of their tradition and honor regalia include Pi Omega Pi, Lambda Sigma, and Sigma Lambda Chi.

Aside from that, many other institutions and honorary societies use silver beyond those mentioned above. Many also utilize a close variation of that color, so you can expect to see some gray cords, which are the same as silver.

Silver Color

As mentioned above, the color silver can also be translated into a gray-colored sheen. There are two variations of grey colors. Silver shades include concrete, argent, light gray, gray, granite, slate, and steel.

The visual sensation that is often associated with metal silver is a metallic shine. In English, heraldry argent signifies brightness, purity, virtue, or even innocence, while silver or gray is often associated with the moon.

It can also signify riches and be earthy, natural, sleek, or elegant, depending on its use.

For graduate hoods and academic regalia colors, silver or any silver shade is often used to designate degrees or disciplines of medical sciences like chiropractic, naprapathy, oratory, speech, and veterinary science.

Buying Silver Cords

The price range for silver cords ranges from $4.50 to $10, including shipping. It depends mainly on how good the quality of the material you buy is. By buying in bulk, you can get a discount.

If you want to purchase these cords, the easiest way to do so is online. The alternative method is to download the Grad Accessories form, print it out, and fill it out with the fax number.

If your honor society is looking to purchase a bulk amount of honor products, you need to contact the supplier via phone or email.

You can also agree that you contract to supply all your cords to various members in different parts of the country. Many of them are flexible about various joint ventures with different honorary societies and organizations.


Graduation cords come in different colors. What the graduate wears will depend mainly on the setup associated with the graduate community.

It is typical to see different colors of graduation cords in a graduation ceremony. Different colors have specific meanings. Wear them with pride during your graduation ceremony, as you have achieved one of the highlights of your life.

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