Getting An Online High School Diploma Might Not Be That Bad

Are Online High School Diplomas Legitimate?

Having a high school diploma can get you a long way, and it can be a major milestone for many students. It is also among the main requirements for most companies when one is looking for a job and even for colleges.

Is an online high school diploma legitimate? Yes, many online schools give online high school diplomas, and most schools generally recognize it. Even many colleges that have strict requirements for their admissions accept online high school diplomas.

In this article, you will find out how to determine if your online school is a legitimate provider of an online high school diploma.

It will also tackle how online school works to help you see if enrolling in one is suitable for you.

The Legitimacy of an Online School Diploma

A wide array of education options are waiting for you after high school. There are plenty of online courses to take and they are the best fit for many busy adults or those who prefer a flexible schedule.

The only worry that many students encounter is that they are not sure if the money and effort they put into an online school will pay off.

This is a common dilemma because you do not want to study hard and graduate, then find out that your diploma isn’t what schools and employers are looking for.

When it comes to enrolling in an online high school program, you might need to check if the school you are interested in is licensed and accredited.

Licensing and accreditation are the most important things a school needs to possess to be considered legitimate.

Accreditation is the recognition from different agencies and organizations that the school meets or even exceeds the educational standards.

On the other hand, licensing ensures that the licensing body or board approves of the school you plan to enroll in to provide different classes and diplomas or degrees to its graduates.

Online Learning

Online learning has become common nowadays, and many kids and learning adults opt to take their classes online.

Others still prefer a blended learning program. Blended learning is characterized as a combination of online and face-to-face learning.

There are many pros and cons of online learning, which is not just for kids, as many adults thrive when putting 100% of their attention on an online class.

Many are learning and thriving, but some need some intervention with the blended learning programs.

Online Schools

Online schools are known to set up virtual classes that students can attend from the comfort of their homes or a library or coffee shop.

This has become a necessity now as many people try to stay in their homes to protect themselves.

Many prefer to take their classes at home as long as they have an internet connection.

Many of the teachers work remotely and have a structured curriculum for their students to follow.

Online learning is most commonly known as distance learning. You can also hear online schools branded as virtual schools or cyber schools.

If you want to know if the online school you are attending is legit, you might want to check with your local school district.

This is because they are often provided by them or some charter schools or state education agencies.

How Do Online High Schools Work?

Instead of going to a regular school in a very traditional setup, students can opt to attend class over the internet.

Some notes are provided with each lesson, and the students can still use their own textbooks. These textbooks are normally provided for free by many cyber charters or online public high schools.

Most online private high school students are required to purchase their textbooks from the school’s bookstore.

When it comes to the presentation of the lessons, it varies from one school to another. Some private online high schools offer their lessons through the emerging multimedia platform and presentations.

Many students can contact a qualified teacher via phone, email, and sometimes a chat facility.

Teachers will be responsible for following the curriculum that they are basing their lessons on.

However, in some online public and cyber charter high schools, parents will be the primary educators to guide the students through lessons. Many tests, exams, and quizzes are usually taken online, leaving a wide range of irregularities to take place.

Cheating will always be brought up, but many online schools tend to defend this by saying that insight into many materials is required to pass.

Advantages of Online High Schools

Online learning has its own set of advantages and disadvantages, as mentioned before. It is important to know what your child or you, as an adult, will face if you dig deep into the online learning activity.

Here are some advantages that you can look forward to when you decide to attend an online school:


People are diverse; there are gifted learners, average ones, and slow learners. One dimension that needs further consideration is the aptitude and ability to set one’s own pace at any given time.

This is according to their abilities and aptitude for some topics; many students could afford the opportunity to properly understand and absorb the information being presented even before moving to the next lesson.


Online schools can offer you opportunities and accessibility when it comes to your own learning. You do not have to be away from your loved ones to get the kind of learning you get from boarding schools.

You can remain with your parents, especially if you are the type of student who has special needs.

It can also offer accessibility for people living in rural areas or in areas lacking good-quality education.


Online schooling can offer flexibility with your schedule. This can be the best choice if you frequently missed school due to circumstances that remain in your current education.

This can help students who are creative and have sports careers. It also helps students who are suffering from health issues.

Individual Attention

If you opt for online education, you can expect to have a virtual one-on-one teaching option. This means that the student can focus on the lesson at hand without any distractions from classmates.

This is while having all the access they need to receive explanations, guidance, and assistance if anything is not clear for them.

Many students benefit from this, especially if they have children with ADD or ADHD.

Drawbacks of Online Education

If there are advantages, there will always be disadvantages when it comes to online education.

This is because it does not work for everybody. There will always be times when it won’t work because of the following drawbacks:

Student Willingness

Student willingness will play a big role when it comes to online education.

This can be a big adjustment to them, as they are used to a traditional setup, and many do not prefer to study online.

As a result, many students won’t benefit from this kind of education.

Student Suitability

Another drawback is student suitability. This is because not all students are suited to online education. Many factors impact students’ suitability.

The number one factor is motivation. Many students need to be self-motivated, as they will be working toward their classes without constant encouragement and input from their teachers.

The next factor is reading skills and comprehension, as many must have a certain level to study the materials in their curriculum.

You also need to consider your typing ability; if a student cannot type at a reasonable speed, they might have difficulty completing assessments on time.

Finally, self-discipline is a factor, as there is a risk that the student could surf the web or play online games.


When it comes to social development, it can be hampered if teenagers or young adults are deprived of social contact.

This is a common risk of distance learning. If you choose online education, you need to consider your location.

If the student is in the proximity of the school’s physical location, they can attend many social events. Another thing to consider is finding friends.

This can help them to participate in many group activities and improve their social life.

Considerations When Choosing Online Education

If you are concerned about the legitimacy of online high schools, you should do some research and consider the following. 


The first thing you should look at is if all the teachers are qualified in the subject matter.

This can have a great impact on efficiency in their online environment.

Check whether the online school offers extra assistance to students using direct communication with their teachers and the student-teacher ratio.


The curriculum will be the backbone of your learning, so it must be relevant and comply with a high standard for student learning.

The course design should include many students’ participation, and it needs to have live interaction with both teachers and online classmates.

Check that the curriculum of the online school you wish to attend offers the courses you are looking for.

It is also important to check the duration and have complete flexibility in many of the schedules and assignments.


Assessment is important so that you can track your progress and receive regular feedback. This shows skills and insight in much subject matter.

Technological Infrastructure

The next thing to consider is whether the online school offers the course material in a reliable manner.

It should also be available to all of the students and it must be simple and economical.

Tech support should be available most of the day in case technical difficulties arise.

Online School Accreditation and License

When it comes to many online schools’ policies and guidelines, they need to meet certain minimum criteria set by the local agency that grants accreditation.

This is important as it can influence the future of the students currently enrolled in that school.

Accreditation is required in many institutions as it is a protective tool for many schools, students, and employers.

This is because it gives credit to any institutions that meet certain standards and ensures that students will get the most education at a nationally acceptable level.

Many students graduating from accredited online schools will have the chance to be admitted to several colleges and universities in the country.

This is regardless of whether they graduate from traditional schools, and they will still get their online high school diploma. This will serve as a ticket to their dream job.


An online high school diploma is actually the same as a diploma from a traditional high school.

As long as this online school has its license and accreditation from agencies in the local district, all you have to do is investigate and do your own research to select an online high school that fits your needs.

Aside from that, the quality of the online high school education experience will always depend on the suitability of the students and the institution where they are enrolled.

On the other hand, in-person learning has its unique set of advantages. Those who can attend a typical high school are recommended to enroll to enjoy the benefits of in-person learning.

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