How Old Can You Be In High School: This May Surprise You

Can You Be 21 and Still Be in High School?

In the US, anyone who is over 21 years of age isn’t allowed to go to high school anymore, but they can acquire a diploma by taking a GED test. Most states set a minimum and maximum age for high school.

There are also community high schools that students can attend and that offer either night or weekend classes. Additionally, there are programs called “Compulsory Education,” where people must go to school regardless of their age.

Can you be 21 and still be in high school? Yes, a person can be 21 and still get an Adult High School Diploma and participate in GED Preparation and Testing. These two are the best options for those 21 years old.

In this article, you will learn how to acquire a high school diploma for adults and how to pass the GED test. Choosing an adult high school will also be discussed.

How to Get a Complete High School Diploma

Many think that getting an adult high school diploma is complicated, but it is as simple as getting a regular high school diploma. Here are some helpful tips on how you can get a high school diploma for adults:

Reach out to an Adult Education Provider

Every education provider has assigned a specific person who can accommodate all your queries. If you want to ensure the school’s legality, you can check them out in America’s Literacy Directory.

With the right person, you can ask about the school programs, offers, and options. Ensure that they offer the exact program you’re looking for.

Decide Which Programs to Enroll In

When attending an adult high school, you must take the GED test or any high school comprehensive program test. Earning a GED is already an accomplishment because it can be used as a credential for college and job applications.

At the same time, taking assessment tests can help you determine what programs you are best suited to join.

Check the Legality of the Program

After checking the education provider on the internet, you have to check on whether they’re legit. Some of them give fake credentials and false hopes. The first thing to check is the state agency.

Determine whether the school has complied with the State Board of Education’s requirements. If it does, you have the full assurance that the school is legit.

How to Pass the GED Test

The GED test is quite difficult for those who don’t prepare. If you want to pass the exam single-handedly, you need to know what to study. Even those who are not as smart in academics can pass the test if they have the correct approach to it. Here are some smart ways to pass the GED Test:

Practice Makes Perfect

If you’re determined enough to pass the exam, you have to study smart by repeating every lesson you learned. You must develop a healthy habit of studying.

At the same time, you have to consider the things you’re not good at and develop a study schedule. Making a schedule is helpful because it will help you organize your thoughts and time better.

Prepare a Study Guide

You have to invest in a good study guide to help you determine which part to study for the day. When you condense the materials, you can fully comprehend the lesson and solve each problem. If you want further help, you can browse, a recommended site for all exam takers.

Be Careful in Answering

Everyone gets their answers wrong because they’re not careful enough to comprehend the question. Before you answer, ensure that you have read the question twice and that you have not misread any words.

Questions are usually straightforward but can be tricky. Do not look for a theoretical answer. Instead, base everything on what has more common sense.

Budget Your Time

Even if you are careful in answering, you’re still required to answer the questions in a time-efficient manner. If you have 20 sets of questions to complete in 40 minutes, you have only two minutes to answer the whole set. Don’t dwell over one question.

If you realize that you do not have an answer, then skip the question and return when everything you know has already been answered. If you’re careless with your answers, you might not pass the GED.

How to Get Into an Adult High School

You might feel anxious when you’ve made a final decision to go to an actual adult high school. However, you should actually be excited, especially when you finally have the chance to choose your preferred course. Here are some great tips for choosing the best adult high school for you:

Take a Short Visit to the School

If you have visited and searched the school online, consider going back to the same school, and imagine yourself as a student there. Before you enroll, you need an admitted student’s perspective on the school system.

Every school has unique rules that may change from year to year. You can also sit in on any of the classes for 30 minutes and see the best courses for you.

Consider Your Academic and Financial Fit

Many things need to be considered before you make a final decision. Ask yourself: Is the school strong enough to provide me with a major course?

Does it offer programs that could be great opportunities for college and job applications? Those basic questions might make you rethink whether you want to pursue an adult high school.

If the school is too expensive, you must ask yourself if your family can work this out or if you can get a scholarship. If the school provides scholarships, or if you can get a job as a student, schooling might be a good choice.

Talk to The Counselor and Your Parents

You’ll ultimately need proper advice from people you can rely on most about your decision to study. It’s a great help to consider other people’s opinions. At the same time, they’re also there to help you with the application when necessary.


Some people cannot go to school because of certain circumstances, though it’s still possible for an adult to pursue his dreams. As mentioned, getting into high school is easy as long as you’re attentive enough to speak to the right person.

If you want to pursue high school despite being an adult, you’ll have to take appropriate action to comply with the requirements.

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