The Symbolism Of The Tassel And Tassel Colors

Tassel Colors

Graduation is almost here, and whether you are graduating online or in person, it is important to look your best and look right, as graduation is the most special event in a student’s life.

When dealing with graduation items, it is important to check the approved color when it comes to your tassel, cap, and gowns. Usually, these standards are stated in the American Council on Education.

What color should my tassel be? The standard color of the graduation tassel is black, or the color appropriate to the subject. It is except for the doctoral cap that may need to have a tassel of gold.

In this article, you will have an idea of your graduation paraphernalia, like your graduation tassel, cap, and gown.

Aside from that, it is important to know which color you should be using, depending on your circumstances, so make sure not to miss out on anything important. Let’s get into the post.

What Are Graduation Tassels?

Graduation tassels are known to be colorful bundles of thread hanging from a gold or silver clasp. It is often worn during commencement exercises on a graduation cap and properly distributed as commemorative memorabilia.

Tassels usually measure 9 inches, not including the loop from which the tassel hangs properly. It is known that tassels have a wide variety of designs and colors that can reach up to 60+ in combinations.

Graduation tassels are usually worn on a graduation cap during your high school or university graduation. Each graduation tassel can also include some metallic graduation year charm that can include the year or any sign.

The Symbolism Of The Tassel

Graduation tassel is actually a symbol of success, and some even believe that the reason you have to place your tassel on the right is that you earned the right to graduate.

The practice of moving the tassel to the left after graduation rites mean you are crossing over from high school or college to the next stage in your career.

In the future, if you have received a master’s degree or doctorate, you will be placing your tassel on the left of your mortarboard cap. You are not expected to flip the tassel to the right.

It should remain on the left before, during, and even after graduating. Typically, those who are receiving their terminal degrees will receive a hood that represents their academic discipline.

Be Camera Ready

While there may be many traditions when it comes to tassels to be worn on the right and usually moves to the left after receiving your diploma, note that sometimes schools will direct you to place the tassel on the left.

In a general sense, this is because you have the photographer set up to take all your photos from the right, and they want to see your face fully.

As A Sign Of Achievement

Once the graduation ends, you can easily throw your tassel in a box and then forget about it. It is a good sign of achievement and displays it as a reminder of how you have become.

The Right Side Where Tassel Go On Before Graduation

Many schools have a tassel tradition for uniformity and celebration purposes during their ceremony where graduates move their tassel. It is by moving the tassel from one place to another to signify earning the degree.

But many students have a question on what side the tassel goes on before graduating.

How you place, a graduation cap tassel is different for each degree you earned. Aside from that, it can also depend on your school tradition. You can check the following instruction below depending on your school guidelines on where the graduation tassel will be:

High School Graduation

For many high school commencement exercises, tassels are worn on the right side of the cap before the ceremony. It will then move from the right side to the left, then receiving a diploma or when directed by your graduation speaker.

Usually, the school officials will direct you to make the shift, or sometimes it will be directed by the graduation speaker.

College Bachelor Degree

Tassels are most commonly worn on the right side of the cap before the ceremony and will be then moved from the right side to the left.

For an undergraduate degree, the tassel placement rules will be the same as high school commencement. It can be for those receiving undergraduate or bachelor’s degrees as well.

College Master Degree

For a college master’s degree, tassels are usually worn on the left side of the cap before. This is during and after graduating.

Once you made your way to the big stage. For postgraduate degrees, but different rules apply for masters and Ph. D graduates, tassels should not be moved at all. Also, they are not moved from the right side to the left side of the cap.

Color Of Tassel

Depending on the tassel, you need to know the tassel’s color when going into your graduation ceremony. Many degree candidates usually wear caps with tassels that represent the school from where they are graduating.

In addition to your colored tassels, a candidate for graduate degrees usually needs to wear hoods that will reflect their fields of learning. Here are some of the common colors of tassel that you should be aware of:

  1. The tassel color for Bachelor of Arts and Sciences is usually white.
  2. The tassel color for the Business graduate is drab or light brown.
  3. The tassel color for most Education graduates is light blue.
  4. The tassel color for some graduates of Informatics, Computing, and Engineering is copper or sometimes dark brown.
  5. The tassel color for Law graduates is Royal Purple.
  6. The tassel color for Medicine graduates is kelly green.
  7. The tassel color for Music students who graduate is pink.
  8. The tassel color for Nursing is actually apricot.
  9. For Optometry, the tassel color is aqua or teal.
  10. The tassel color for Doctor of Philosophy is royal blue.
  11. Public and Environmental Affairs graduates use peacock blue tassles.
  12. The tassel color for Public Health is actually salmon or coral pink.
  13. The tassel color for Social Work graduates is citron or yellow.

Faculty Tassels And Hoods

Many faculty members who have received their Ph.D. wear hoods and tassels that are reflecting their disciplines. Many faculty members who have received most of their bachelor’s or master’s degrees wear their fields’ hoods. In contrast, many universities like black tassels on their caps.

Graduation Cap And Gown Tips

Many students who graduate always face their important milestones, and you need to look your best during your graduation day. It is the best time of the year in a graduate’s life when you can get the feeling of completion.

The perfect time to plan your graduation party to make end-of-year memories but stress the proper graduation attire. Here are among the few important tips on how to wear your proper graduation attire:

  1. First, you need to remove the gown from the bad and ensure that your cap, gown, and tassel are ready for graduation day. Aside from that, it is important to immediately remove the graduation gown from the bag as you get it. If you leave the gown in the bag won’t allow the fabric to breathe and relax.

  2. You need to try the cap and gown as it is always a good idea to test the fit of your cap and gown prior to the actual graduation day. Ensure that the gown fits you properly and the measurement is accurate to avoid any unnecessary stress on your graduation day.

  3. Check out how the gown looks, and after trying on your graduation gown, make sure that the sleeves fall below your elbow. The bottom of the gown must fall below your knee and above your ankle, and this has become one of the standards when wearing graduation attire.

    While determining the gown measurements, as this is important to remember, flat or heels won’t affect the gown’s overall hemline. 

  4. Complete the graduation outfit using the cap and tassel, and once you know that your graduation gown fits you perfectly, it is time to try on your cap. To do so, check and loop the tassel over the button on the top of the cap. It is before putting on your cap. It would help if you looked inside to find the word front.

    When wearing the cap, it should be flat and level to the floor, and you need to use bobby pins in order to secure the cap properly. Just always remember that your tassel should start on the right side, and it is moved to the left side after you graduate.


To sum it up, following the right color tassel for the right event should depend on the event you are attending and the degree you are about to graduate.

Always remember that the proper attire should always be followed during the commencement exercises. You should get the right one that signifies your degree and school.

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