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What Month Do Most Colleges Graduate?

The commencement ceremony also referred to as “graduation,” is exactly that: a ceremony.

For students who are expected to effectively meet all of their graduation requirements before the end of the spring or summer term, it is an end-of-spring-term event.

What month do most colleges graduate? While the graduation month varies from state to state, May is the month when most college graduations are held. This moment is a time for friends and family to gather and celebrate a big milestone.

Read on to learn about graduations and what you should wear during graduations in May.

College Graduation Month

Colleges usually hold their graduation ceremonies in May. However, it’s hard to generalize when there are so many universities.

When it comes to graduation, there’s no “general law.” That said, from our experience, the month of May is pretty standard.

The Highlight of Graduation

The highlight of all graduation ceremonies is the giving of diplomas and certificates such as prestige and honor rolls.

These certificates are what parents and students look forward to getting from the start of school.

A diploma is not just a normal piece of paper; it is essential and prestigious because it means achievement.

For graduates, a diploma means better opportunities and a more comfortable life, which is why it is presented and dispatched.

Universities need diploma covers at every graduation ceremony. This is to ensure that their students receive their rewards.

What You Should Wear for May College Graduations

Basic Wear

For graduation ceremonies, women should wear a formal dress. Men should wear a shirt, a tie, and a pair of pants, such as trousers.

Choose dress trousers if you are expected to wear a gown.

For other ceremonies, you can get away with more comfortable clothes, such as khaki pants. Just don’t wear jeans.

Even if it gets stuffy in the afternoon, more formal graduation ceremonies may expect men to wear suits, which means a suit jacket combined with a robe.

Girls should aim for an elegant combination of skirts and blouses or a dress.

Black, dark blue, and white are appropriate colors for afternoon graduations. Suitable fabrics for the afternoon include linen and cotton, to avoid getting overly hot.

Academic Wear

Typically, college commencement ceremonies require both male and female students to wear academic garb.

This includes a gown, which, even in the afternoon, must be worn for the ceremony, as well as a hood and cap.

Beforehand, the hood should be pinned to the shirt or blouse. Generally, students borrow scholarly garb and receive it a few hours before the ceremony.


Graduation ceremonies in the afternoon involve sensible and reasonably formal shoes.

Because onlookers will see your shoes, select a pair that looks respectable and clean, and that is appropriate for climbing stairs.

Girls should opt for dress shoes or at least a pair of flats, whereas men are expected to wear dress shoes or loafers. Do not wear open-toe shoes or trainers.

Shoes with massive heels can also be troublesome when it comes to getting about because much of the graduation ceremony is spent getting from place to place and waiting in line.


Because there’s no official rule regarding what month college graduation should be held, it isn’t easy to generalize. The month of graduation varies by state and institution.

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