Top 12 Online Schools To Get a High School Diploma

What Is the Best Online School for a High School Diploma?

Getting an online high school diploma is not that different from receiving a diploma from a traditional high school.

Students who either have no time to attend in-person classes or those with social anxieties choose to study in an online high school, especially because it does not require students to be physically present and interact with people to learn.

What is the best online school for a high school diploma? Among the top and most trusted online schools for a high school diploma is the Stanford University Online High School. It is a private independent school that offers a rigorous college-prep program.

The demand for online high school diplomas keeps getting higher every year, so there are many accredited online high schools.

This article will give you options for the online high school that best suits you and how the system works.

Top Online High Schools for High School Diplomas

Stanford University Online High School

Stanford’s outstanding track record is a testimony to the excellence of the students it draws.

The track record includes an SAT score of 2175 and a mean ACT score of 32.5. Eighty-nine percent of students who have taken AP courses have completed four of five of these courses.

In other words, Stanford OHS caters to students who are willing to work to see results.

Students enroll at Stanford OHS for many reasons. For some, their living conditions make it difficult or impossible to attend a brick and mortar high school.

Others have a nearby high school that is not a good fit. The majority of students who attend Stanford OHS are determined to face the intense rigor that this online school offers.

Stanford OHS could be the solution for students who want a real challenge.

Because the school is considered the best OHS, the tuition may not be for everyone. The tuition fee is $22,850 for full-time enrollment of four or five classes.

The Oaks Private School Online

The Oaks Private School Online offers more than 90 self-directed, courses available online or on paper.

Students have a choice of four separate collections of materials to customize their program.

They can apply at any time of year and have a full 365 days to complete their classes. Based on the program chosen, the yearly price varies from $1,315 to $3,100.

Brigham Young University Independent Study

The Brigham Young University Independent Study Program has plenty to offer.

Students select from an array of classes, including certain university-level classes.

This school is even better for those who wish to start gaining college credit. Tuition varies by course but ranges from $110 to $280 for high school classes. For every credit, university-level courses start at $212.

Christa McAuliffe Academy School of Arts and Sciences

This school is one of the top-ranked online high schools.

It provides customized learning and a recognized business reputation. Students can choose from two graduation tracks:

  • Regular 20-credit course for students.
  • A 24-year-old college-prep track. This will meet the criteria for admission to a four-year college or university.

Classes are self-paced and open 24/7 to students. The tuition fee range is from $2,496 to $7,495.

Everything will be based on the grade level and the number of students.

Advantages School International

Advantages Education International is an accredited online school for grade 12.

Students may choose between two diplomas in any grade: a general degree or a university preparatory diploma.

More than 300 courses are open, including a broad range of AP courses.

Students have a great deal of flexibility to design their educational programs to suit their objectives and desires.

The school tuition fee per year is currently $3,950. Students can also enroll in a single course for a semester at $650.

Clonlara School

Clonlara School provides classes that are entirely sponsored by qualified teachers.

Clonlara offers more than 80 options at the high school level. Students must take at least five courses each semester.

There are honorary courses, ACT and SAT preparation courses, and career exploration courses.

Students must develop a portfolio of their best work. They also need to complete community service hours before graduation. Tuition varies from $3,600 to $4,000 a year.

Excel High School

Excel is one of the leading online high schools and one of the most accessible.

Instead of free education, students pay a monthly subscription fee of $129 for the rest of the semester.

Students can also pay a monthly of $199 for an Honors High School Diploma.

Excel High School allows students to take four elective courses each course. Approximately 100 high school, honors, AP, and college courses are currently available.

Each is taught by an instructor who holds a master’s degree or higher in the subject they teach.

Greenways Academy

Greenways Academy has a system of rolling admissions. Most students choose to pursue their diploma at their convenience.

Students also have the option of enrolling full time, part-time, or in either one or two classes.

More than 100 high school courses are open. In each class, students have the option of communicating one-on-one with their instructor.

Greenways Academy is proud to deliver customized classes. They change their classes to match the schedules of the student or the IEP.

Present courses range from $395 to $420 per course.

University of Nebraska High School

Back in 1929, the University of Nebraska offered its first secondary-level distance courses to 14 students.

Today, the University of Nebraska High School (UNHS) serves high school students in all 50 states and more than 100 countries.

UNHS offers 100 core courses, AP classes, and NCAA-approved classes.

Interested students can also opt to participate in fine arts, academic, technological, health, career, or foreign language classes.

The tuition per 1/2 Carnegie Unit is $250 for out-of-state residents and $200 for Nebraska residents.

Alpha Omega Academy

Alpha Omega Academy is one of the largest Christian high schools open to online students.

Students can select either the High School Diploma Track or the College Prep Track.

Each of them allows the student to complete 21 credits from a long list of fascinating courses.

Tuition starts at $1,990 and goes up to $2,392 for the highest rank offered.

Forest Trail Academy

Forest Trail Academy is a perfect alternative for students who do not want to devote time to areas they know well.

Forest Trail’s program contains 50 classes. It helps students get a taste of their easy subjects while spending more time on difficult fields.

Forest Trail also partners with each student and their families on a one-on-one basis.

This method creates a curriculum that better matches the student’s interests and academic needs.

The current cost of education is $3,350/year for full-time 9th- through 12th-grade students.

Best Online High School for Adults

International Virtual Learning Academy

The International Virtual Learning Academy (IVLA) is a year-round, free, independent, California-based K-12 institution.

Students can enroll and start courses at any time, and all course materials are provided online.

This method helps in maximizing convenience for students and their families.

Self-paced instruction takes place in a varied learning environment, as do the six different program options:

  • Accelerate
  • Alpha Omega’s Ignitia
  • Apex Learning
  • GradPoint
  • Odysseyware
  • Plato Learning

The school also offers five different diploma plans:

  • Standard
  • College Prep
  • Honors
  • STEM
  • Career

In addition, the school offers AP and Honors classes. The elective courses are for students to get elective credit across a wide variety of life learning experiences.

Life experiences or outside events will give a limit of two credits. Annual college is $3,779, with an annual enrollment fee of $150.

Franklin Virtual High School

Franklin Virtual High School is a nationally accredited, fully online secondary school.

It provides students with a typical high school track, an independent study, or a prep class in preparation for the GED, ACT, and SAT.

This is also a perfect choice for students who wish to catch up on their classes.

Tuition varies and is dependent on the student’s preference. At present, classes vary from $289 to $313, depending on whether they are core classes or AP courses.

Tuition is $330 a month for full-time students. This refers to transcripts and graduation payments.

Fees for overseas transcripts can differ. There are extra fees for AP and honors courses.

How Online High School Diploma Programs Work

Virtual high school diploma programs are an alternative for home-based or non-traditional students.

These programs are taught by qualified instructors and delivered by accredited institutions. They are mostly self-paced and available to everyone around the world.

Typical Coursework

Classes offered by online high school systems are essentially the same as those offered in conventional high schools. Classes include:

  1. English
  2. Social Studies
  3. Science
  4. Mathematics
  5. Visual Arts
  6. Physical Education
  7. Foreign Languages
  8. Career Education Courses

Students can choose whether to complete a general education curriculum or a college-prep diploma.

Students wishing to attend college can take advantage of advanced placement and dual enrollment courses.

For example, with a dual math program, students earn math credits for both a high school diploma and a college degree.

Course Instruction

In an online high school curriculum, students are given virtual assignments.

They communicate differently with teachers than they would in a brick and mortar classroom environment. Students receive course materials in several forms, such as:

  • Multimedia lectures
  • Online lecture notes
  • Slideshows

Many classroom channels use various communication to connect with course instructors. Options include:

  • Mobile
  • Phone
  • Text
  • Chat
  • E-mail

Requirements and Other Components

Students can view their work through an online content management system (CMS). They can also get tasks through physical media.

They need laptops with operating systems that can handle internet connectivity and CMS programs.

Depending on the application, students might also need certain software programs.

They may communicate with teachers via CMS or email, but some have contact using mail.

Graduation and Requirements

Everything happens online. Students finish the coursework and take the final tests on the web.

Instead of a graduation ceremony, graduates receive a transcript and a certificate of completion.

A transcript states the lessons that the student has taken, along with the grades he has received.

Colleges will ask for transcripts to determine the student’s college experience.

They will also consider grades to either approve or deny student enrollment.

Obtained from the online school, graduation standards can differ. However, they normally need the least number of course units to be completed.

They are categorized into topics such as Language Arts, Algebra, Physics, Social Sciences, etc.

What You Need to Know Before Enrolling in an Online High School

Although there are a rising number of online high school diploma services, not all of them are equal.

Accreditation by a third party is necessary, as in online universities. Also, they are financed in some forms, which will impact the out-of-pocket expenses of a student.


Make sure that the online high school of your choice is accredited. You should call the school personally to figure this out.

You can inquire or search for their website.

It is best to contact the College Admissions Officer to make them confirm the accreditation.

Some universities have online accredited high school programs, while others are non-profit entities.

Accreditation is when an outside entity certifies that the curriculum offers what it claims to offer.

This credential gives students peace of mind that they are receiving a legitimate education.

Four Types of Online High Schools

1. Private Online High School Diplomas

Private online high schools differ widely in content, visibility, and expense.

This avenue calls for the most study but also provides several top-notch curriculum services of great value.

Independent online high schools are typically delivered nationally and have little regulatory oversight.

They deliver excellent services to address the needs of particular students. They offer specialized interest programming to meet a range of learning types.

2. College- and University-Sponsored Online High School Diplomas

The online university-sponsored high school offers several curriculum benefits. University-sponsored online high schools also have geographic accreditation.

Many university-sponsored programs offer high-quality instruction, versatility, and advanced and dual credit programs.

But, these classes also have more selective entry requirements. They offer less contact with teachers or facilities and can be costly.

3. Public Online High School Diplomas

Public and charter school systems are government-funded. These are provided by individual states or municipalities and are open to resident minors.

They are typically regionally licensed and state-approved.

Online public schools have strict rules and restricted selection of classes. These also apply only to resident groups.

4. Charter Online High School Diplomas

Charter schools provide greater versatility for their specialized or individual programming.

However, they run the risk of losing funds and are perceived to be less secure.

They are mostly unavailable to students in certain districts.

Can Be Free

The school is free of charge if you attend a public online high school.

For certain situations, the state will also be able to help provide for the required equipment.


Online high schools are also self-paced, giving students the freedom to select what they learn.

The courses offered are like standard high school classes, including:

  • English
  • Social Sciences
  • Physical Education
  • Foreign Languages
  • Creative and Visual Arts

Why You Should Get an Online Diploma

Achieving your high school diploma is important for a stable career and a successful future. It’s needed for college.

However, if you try to earn a degree beyond your high school graduation, you’ll need to submit evidence of high school completion first.

Also, to improve career chances, information is valuable and makes you more well-rounded.

From basic to higher-level coursework, high school should give students a challenge to develop socially and individually.

Fast-Track Programs for Adults

Plenty of individuals could not graduate from high school in their teenage years.

Online high school offers adults a means to go back to school, based on their own time and timetable.

With online adult fast-track programs such as Excel High School, you can begin by converting any public school credits to your diploma.

You will then complete the remaining credits. If you have earned your GED, it will also be converted to credit units to be counted against graduation.

What You Get From Online High School

  1. Virtual high school is the perfect way to get a high school diploma for most students nowadays. Many students prefer online high school over traditional high school.

  2. Virtual high school provides students with the same level of instruction as traditional on-campus instruction.

  3. A virtual high school offers a secure, consistent, and versatile way to earn a high school diploma. It will help to relieve scheduling problems and eliminate travel time. It may be the perfect match for a student’s learning style.

  4. Graduation from high school is essential to what happens next after high school. It also has a strong effect on pay.


Online high school diplomas are revolutionizing learning and are growing in availability.

With an internet connection and a laptop, people can learn and develop their prospects for a more promising future.

Enroll in a school that you find to be best suited to your needs.

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