Virtual Graduation Is Becoming More Popular Because Of These Reasons

What Is A Virtual Graduation?

Students work hard for many years to receive their degrees, and a graduation ceremony is used to celebrate this glorious achievement. Sadly, several graduates in 2020 were not given a chance to step across the stage to collect their diplomas.

The lavish ceremonies they had planned became virtual graduations, which are now being rushed to transition by school institutions.

What is virtual graduation? A virtual graduation is a commencement exercise that is streamed across the internet instead of held face-to-face. Virtual graduations can be more effective, liberal, or trendy, to resolve the issue of a ticket distribution limit.

You may not be familiar with virtual graduations because you were exposed only to in-person ceremonies. This article aims to give you a glimpse into virtual graduations and how to celebrate them.

The Reality of Virtual Graduation

In contrast to an in-person event, virtual graduation is simply a graduation ceremony that is streamed over the internet. The real-time aspect makes the graduation feel more “real” because it is live-streamed instead of recorded for later viewing.

One advantage of graduation live streaming that remains valid even if the social distance is not needed is that it allows individuals who would not have been able to attend the ceremony in person to see it in real-time on the computer.

Because many graduates have friends and family around the country or even overseas, this helps them share their important events with those they care about most.

Some schools have chosen to display the names of graduates like a film’s end credits. Others show each name with photographs of the students individually.

A couple of schools encourage students to send short videos to be played after their names are revealed.

There are traditional addresses delivered by deans, presidents, trustees, and other speakers, in addition to the announcement of the graduates.

These conventional graduation ceremony components can be used in a live virtual graduation with the proper preparation and set-up.

Methods for an Effective Virtual Graduation: How to Celebrate

There are a few ways to get creative and digitally celebrate. Regardless of whether you’re throwing a celebration for a recent graduate in your family or you’re the graduate yourself, be creative!

The best part is that you don’t have to wear an awkward cap and gown if you don’t want to. In the comfort of your pajamas, celebrating a big life milestone? It doesn’t sound that bad.

Virtual Ceremonies Stream

Broadcasting a virtual graduation ceremony hosted by the biggest celebrities can make your student’s graduation extra special. Companies such as YouTube and Facebook use their platforms to host virtual ceremonies with speakers who have bigger names.

Social Networks

Consider posting the event on social media if you’re a parent. If there’s ever a perfect moment to post about your kids, it’s certainly their graduation.

Whether making lovely collages or showcasing images, be imaginative in what you post. Consider posting a slideshow to highlight your child’s advancement from their first graduation to their last one. 

When you write, invite your close friends and family to exchange kind words in the comments section. Your graduate will experience their community’s affection without having to assemble physically.

There are countless possibilities, but before sharing, make sure you get permission from your kids. You wouldn’t want your teen to get mad at you for sharing baby pictures.

Virtual Custom Backgrounds

Now is the time to get creative with any available resources. You can find new and fun ways to celebrate your learner’s hard work with personalized virtual backgrounds.

Virtual Congratulatory Card

Digital cards are simple to keep track of. Email them with a personalized message to all your family and friends who wish to congratulate the graduating class.

Poll Everywhere provides countless possibilities for customization, including adding a specific background image to the card image.

The advantages are endless: no more lost or coffee-stained paper cards and feeling like your family doesn’t get to participate if they live in different places.

Heartwarming Reel of Highlights

Four years is a lot of time for lifelong memories to be made. The first year as a freshman may feel like ages ago, as the long-awaited graduation ceremony approaches.

Bring to life some of those memories by making a nostalgic video of the journey of your high school or college graduate.

You may include pictures or videos from their first day on campus, prom, or moving into the dorms. Feel free to crowdsource videos from friends and family of the graduate.

The photos or footage you can gather may be surprisingly hilarious for the graduate, too!

Set up a Group FaceTime Dinner

If you enjoy a good dinner party, consider utilizing a service like Social Studies, which sends dinner party packages (including fancy plates and flatware) right to your door.

Give them a fancy package and then set up a Zoom or FaceTime call to toast and eat together if there is another family or household you want to celebrate with. To mark the guest of honor’s graduation, it’ll feel almost like a fancy dinner out.

Send out Balloons 

There’s just something about balloons that shouts “big celebration.” They’re somewhat over-the-top, but no matter what, they’re cute.

Send a fancy balloon banner to your graduate so that they can hang up the balloons in their home, or hang one up in the background for a video chat or FaceTime call to celebrate their accomplishment.

Video Messages

Instead of planning a group video conference, try to inspire the graduate’s friends and family to give them exclusive messages. This way, throughout the day, the graduate will have a constant stream of video messages that will put a smile on their face.

Send Money But Make It Personal

Now more than ever, many college graduates need a little extra cash, so why not find a way to make it as tailored and unique as possible? An app like GiftCast lets you send cash gifts directly from you with a video message attached.


COVID-19 has changed our world forever, and everything you do now will affect the school’s success in the future. A virtual graduation ceremony uses existing technology to protect us from the pandemic.

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