Walking The Graduation Stage: Things To Do After Graduation

Graduation Stage

Graduation is a focal educational achievement for every student. It’s the leading test of life regarding your study and shift to another stage of your life.

The thrill on graduation day is prevalent, as you can hear laughter and joy practically in everyone’s voice. Graduation day is going to be a perennial memory and honor of your parents, teachers, and peers.

What do you do when you walk across the stage of graduation? You can pass your name card before the announcement. You walk the stage, greet the chancellor with a handshake, take your diploma, leave the stage and move your tassel.

As you go on reading the article, you will know what to expect during a graduation ceremony. You will come to know that walking the graduation stage is the most needed part of the ceremony.

After graduation, you can also consider the essential things to do and appreciate responsibilities.

Expectations In Graduation Ceremony

Graduation is a phenomenal day to breakthrough. Perhaps you feel tense, joyful, or emotional throughout the activity. Keeping coordinated and aware of what this day expects will keep you placid and enjoy this thrilling happening.

Duration Of The Graduation Ceremony

The graduation ceremony will last about one or more than two hours. Almost all academic institutions pull through three or four ceremonies within the day. Because of that, the workforce fulfills their best to be reasonable and at the right time.

Sitting Arrangement

The sitting spot is designated earlier on with a bachelor’s degree and field of study. Make sure that you arrive two hours before the scheduled time with your cap and gown.

The stage official will inform you of the seating arrangement and hand in your name card. You can take photos with your family if you come in advance before the graduation ceremony.

Educational March

The educational march will take up about 20 minutes. It includes all the institute’s personnel and board members. All the graduates will keep on standing until the educational march participants, and the chancellor has seated.

Welcome Speech

When the chancellor is sitting, the vice-chancellor or the educational board president delivers a short welcome speech. It will be addressed to all the faculty, graduates, and family.

Broadcasting Of Awards And Degrees

Awards and degrees are often showcased in the listed order of the department. In line with the school, distinct degree levels are showcased first, like honorific degrees, doctoral or master’s degrees.

Walking The Graduation Stage

Walking to the graduation stage is the foremost segment of the ceremony. You will be guided at the bottom of the stage and wait in accordance.

If your name is called, walk right through the stage and greet the chancellor with a handshake. Your family or friends can cheer for you about this accomplishment.

Here’s what you can expect while walking the graduation stage:

  • Give the stage official your name card for the right announcement of your name.
  • Walk throughout the stage if your name is announced.
  • You can shake the chancellor’s hand with your right hand.
  • Get your diploma with your left hand.
  • You can take a photo while shaking the chancellor’s hand and carrying your diploma.
  • Leave the stage and gather your scroll and graduate details.
  • Go back to your seat and position your tassel on the reverse side to show that you’re now a graduate.

You can remember this happening by including your picture in a picture book that has all graduation happenings.

Keynote Speech From Invited Speaker

An invited speaker, in any event, provides a motivating keynote speech to the graduates. These speeches are generally stated by someone who is successful and can extend the graduates beneficial pointers afterward. The keynote speech outlasts for 20 minutes.

Farewell Speech

A chosen graduate delivers a farewell speech during the graduation ceremony for the sake of the graduates. The valedictory speaker thanks family and friends for joining the ceremony.

Usually, the graduate delivers a genuine speech about their adventure throughout the last four years.

Collegiate March And The Graduates Leave

When the invited speaker is through, the collegiate march makes their leave as all the graduates must stand. The graduates go behind and leave the ceremony and are welcomed by family and friends.

Since the ceremony is through, you can join all the graduation celebrations with family and friends. You can take part in graduation gifts and hear how proud your parents are.

Important Things To Do After Graduation

Graduation is a thrilling moment, and finishing your degree is not just a relief, but it can also be overwhelming. Getting through your degree and taking commendations for your accomplishment is the best part of being a student.

There are many things to spend time with after graduation, and here are important things you can consider.

Look For A Job

Obtaining a job experience after you graduate is a realization. Because you’ve completed your degree, perhaps you’re considering entering a job.

You may perhaps look for jobs that connect with your degree or an entirely unrelated job. Regardless, you’ll need to consider skills from internships or your degree.

Finalize Your Resume

A fundamental purpose once you graduate is to make certain that your resume is organized and efficient. It consists of the grades and undertakings that you’ve received during your study.

Initially, having it prepared and anticipating a probable boss will be convenient when you find a job. Also, this will feature the abilities that you own, intending to consider an appropriate job.

Increase Your Work Experience

Two-thirds of the employers search for graduates by work experience since it readies them for the working situation. This venture can pave the way for prospects as you enter the company.

You may verify their website about other openings that you may put in an application for. Your aspiring employers will be fascinated that you’ve shown resourcefulness.

In either way, the labor market is assertive, and by increasing your expertise and experience, you’re better off when applying.

One way of improving your experience is to find internships that clear expenses or pay a minimum income. Since you have the skill, you may evaluate wages from distinct companies to guarantee you’re reasonably compensated.

Register For A Postgraduate Degree

If you’re not prepared to undertake jobs, you can register for a postgraduate degree. Some jobs would require a master’s degree, and you need to major in a postgraduate degree.

Postgraduate degrees may enhance your skills and learn in a certain field of study. This objective can also increase your working ability.

As attested by research, 54 percent of graduates chose to apply for a postgraduate degree to increase employment opportunities. The government’s fact also disclosed that 73 percent of postgraduates are exceptionally skilled than 57 percent of undergraduates.

Aim For A Temporary Job That You’re Enthusiastic About

If you’re not prepared to land a job after graduation, you can aim for a temporary job. It can be something that you’re enthusiastic about, like working in a cafeteria or flower shop.

It will provide you a chance to increase your post-college bank account and perhaps bring more favorable opportunities.

Travel Socially

After draining years of college, perhaps you can have a break and travel abroad. Travelling is an excellent form to broaden your mind, increase your outlook and unwind.

Another significant advantage of traveling is that you’ll encounter different people that might relate to the job you’re looking for. Generally, it will instruct you on how to articulate and establish connections with new faces.

A familiar misunderstanding about traveling after graduating is easily demoralized and belittled by employers. Consequently, you can utilize this time to consider what you want to do.

Travelling may guide you with several abilities like handling your finance, planning, self-reliance, and talking to new people.

Participate In A Gap Year Program

You can put up a good career when you participate in a gap year program. These programs sustain valuable experiences and heighten your resume, and will surely provide countless things to discuss during a job interview.

Getting into a gap year program influences you with other graduates who can be an advantage in your job hunting.


To sum it up, there’s something that the heart and sentiment love about the graduation ceremony. It shares many remarkable ways like walking the stage, awarding a diploma, graduation speech, and tossing caps.

They are the same, but the graduation ceremony initiates maturity and shifts to full-blown responsibilities. Life as a grown-up individual is starting.

It might not be your choice to spend your day, but the graduation ceremony isn’t something to fall short of. You completed the significant walk to the next episode of your life before your schoolmates, professors, and loved ones.

The entire audience can attest to your achievement and your newest prestige. Yes, you made it, and you’re not just a graduate, and you made the walk.

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