You Can Go to Harvard With a GED By Doing These Critical Things

Going to Harvard With a GED

If you don’t have the means to finish your high school education, a General Equivalency Degree is your stepping stone to college and your dream job.

There are plenty of schools that accept either a high school diploma or a GED. Even Ivy League schools welcome gifted and nontraditional students whose education has been interrupted.

Can I go to Harvard with a GED? Yes, you can. As a matter of fact, Harvard does not really require any high school or GED diploma for admittance. What’s important to them is that you hold great academics and have a compelling story.

In this article, you will find out Harvard’s admissions criteria and how you can get accepted into this Ivy League school.

Harvard Admissions Criteria

Harvard has very selective criteria for admissions, though they accept the GED as proof of completing secondary education. The hard part is, you have less chance of getting admitted in the first place.

Even if you graduated from one of the top high schools globally, the chances of you getting in are only 5%. 

It would be different if you earned your GED diploma because you spent two of your high school years in a cancer ward or if you got your GED because you joined the U.S Olympic team and won a few gold medals.

The chances of getting in will be dealt with differently.

Harvard Admissions Process

Harvard’s prominent admissions process enables the school to give meticulous and deliberate considerations to its applicants.

This is a labor-intensive process, but it allows for flexibility, and sometimes the school can change direction depending on the board’s decision.

This is because the school continually receives new information about candidates.

Harvard is aware that its admissions process might not be perfect, and some students who didn’t get in will see amazing success down the road.

They take pride in that 97 to 98% of their students graduate, and these individuals will serve at some other academic institution.

The school works double-time to provide the best and fairest admissions decisions to all students.

Harvard Criteria

Harvard’s criteria for having the typical Harvard student is just an exaggeration, as there is no such thing. In the admissions process, the school gives individual attention to any students.

Harvard is looking for people who will be an inspiration to those around them during their years at the university and beyond. Here are some points that are taken into consideration as your application is reviewed:

Growth and Potential

When it comes to their applicants, Harvard measures the extent to which the applicants can reach their full personal and academic potential.

It is also important that the applicant stretch themselves in terms of personal and academic growth. Harvard measures students’ academic pursuits and working part-time or full-time jobs.

Students should focus on achieving more and using their time wisely.

Interests and Activities

Harvard is looking for applicants with a deep connection to things, whether personal, intellectual, or extracurricular. They want to know what interests you and what you have done with those interests.

They also want to know how you achieved results in your own way, regardless of whether the result was a failure or a success, and what you learned from it.

When it comes to the community, your family, or extracurricular commitments, Harvard wants to know if you seize every moment.

This is because commitment and leadership roles usually are the core values you can see in a person if they commit to something they are passionate about.

Personal Character

Harvard University looks at the choices you’ve made for yourself, and they usually follow this question with reasoning. This is because Harvard learns more about your individuality from your experiences and choices.

They are curious about how you open yourself up to new people or ideas. It is also important to consider different intrapersonal factors like character, maturity, leadership skills, self-confidence, energy, a sense of humor, compassion, and grace under pressure.

Contributions to the Harvard Community

When you are applying to Harvard University, the most important thing is that you make a mark. It would help if you stood up to the freedoms and pressures of college life.

It is important to contribute to the school’s success, and benefit from all Harvard can offer in academic and life experiences.

Grades Do Matter

Don’t ever think that your grades or test scores do not matter. They can make a difference when it comes to being accepted to different schools.

This can affect whether you will receive funds to pay for your college education. This counts for GED holders, as they will determine the financial aid that you will receive.

If you do not possess super grades or scores, your educational life is not over. Even if you left your high school without a diploma, there is so much that you can achieve.

You can still dream, and if you have the passion and drive, you will accomplish anything.


Overall, as long as you work hard on your GED exam, you will have a chance of getting into most universities in the country.

Even Ivy League schools accept GED certificates as long as you are a person with integrity, have hopes and dreams, and have an everlasting passion for your craft.

You might not be able to graduate from a traditional high school setup, but as long as you have your GED, you are on the right path to success.

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