11 Hidden Ways To Conserve Resources at School

How to Conserve Resources at School

Going back to school is among the most exciting times of the year. What makes it more exciting is having new school supplies.

When you are dealing with your school supplies, there are plenty of places to go where you can save money.

Back-to-school does not mean that you have to break the bank With a little planning and a few tricks and tips, you will be able to save money.

How to conserve resources at school?  There are plenty of ways to do that. The main thing is that you need to know what you already have and plan accordingly. You don’t have to buy new stuff if you already have it. Make sure that you are shopping during sale time if you are buying.

In this article, you will find different ways to save money and resources at school. It might be smart to know some tricks and tips to help you plan things moneywise. Let’s get right into it.

Clever Ways to Save on School Resources

When summer starts winding down and the new school year is about to begin, so does the familiar stress of buying back-to-school supplies: backpacks, clothing, binders, and lunch boxes.

They can be quite overwhelming, especially if you have a big family. That is why this article provides you with some ways to save on resources and money so that you can keep your cool while picking up essential supplies for your kids.

Make a Shopping List and Focus on a Budget

This is probably the first step to determine what your kids really need, and what they don’t need, for their new school year.

Most schools provide a list of the supplies that are essential for your kid’s school needs.

From there, you can work with your kids on what they need and what they want. Once you figure it out, you can create a list and prioritize the essentials.

It is also recommended that you ask your kids if they want something. If they do, they can buy it using the loonies and toonies in their piggy banks. This is one way to teach them the importance of money and how to save money to get what they want.

Don’t Buy Everything

As mentioned above, normally, your kid’s school will provide a school supplies list. You can go to your office room and see if there are supplies there that your kids can use.

Do some shopping in your own house. For instance, do you have highlighters and glue sticks? Do you have lined paper or a stash of pencils in your drawer from all the fundraisers that you organized?

If you have some supplies from last year, you can reuse them. If your child does not want to reuse old supplies, there is one little secret for these tantrums. Give your child a certain amount of money to be used for their school supplies.

Then, tell them to keep whatever is left over. You will be surprised at how attractive last year’s backpack starts to look. This tactic also motivates them to find bargains.

Swap With Friends

After you are done with your inventory sweep, do not rush off to the nearest mall to buy your supplies. Instead, you can organize a supply swap with your close friends and neighbors.

While this might seem unusual to many, planning a swap party is a great idea because it can eliminate a lot of waste. Gather all the supplies that you have and that you know your kids won’t use.

Your friends and neighbors may also have old clothing that does not fit their kids anymore but that would fit perfectly on yours. It’s like shopping for free.

Shop the Sales

Once you are done with all the recycling ideas and efforts you can think of, it is time to hit the shops. But do not go to the closest stores near you. Instead, do some research for those inevitable back-to-school deals to determine which ones are worth your time.

Look through their flyers and use their websites to keep an eye on the biggest deals. A little bit of preparation can save you more than you can imagine.

Price Matching

In addition to sales, many stores have solid price-matching policies, including Walmart, Canadian Tire, and Staples. Most of them match their competitors’ deals or even beat the price by one cent.

So, if you see any discrepancies from store to store, you can hit up the most convenient store for you and still get all the deals.

Just make sure to check the store’s price-matching guidelines, for instance, if it has to happen before your purchase or if the products must have the same model number.

Price Adjusting

Like the principle of price-matching, many big-box stores will refund the difference of a recently discounted item.

This is as long as the product was originally purchased at full retail price and you still have the receipt as proof of purchase. These stores include Old Navy, Walmart, The Gap, and Children’s Place.

Just make sure that the request is upheld if the original purchase was made within a certain number of days. It is also worth mentioning that price adjustments vary from one store to another, so always review their policies and save those receipts.

Look for Special Promos and Coupons

If you have no choice but to buy new supplies for your kids, make sure to take advantage of special promos and coupons. This is a great way to get the best deals on your supplies. Make sure to save coupons from newspapers, magazines, and social media.

There are plenty of websites that offer coupons and discounts, like Save.ca and retailmenot.ca. They will allow you to search for offers from specific stores and brands.

For most online purchases, you can use a browser extension like Honey, which will help you find and apply discounts before you process your transaction.

Don’t Skip the Dollar Store

Dollar stores are great options if you are looking for affordable pens, pencils, erasers, and highlighters. Not only can you buy those things, but they also offer a convenient and affordable option for people on tight budgets.

Shopping at Dollarama and Dollar Tree means grabbing a few packs of stationery goodies for the same price as one pack at other stores in the mall.

Visit Thrift Stores

Like swapping supplies or clothing with your friends, upcycling clothes and other accessories is a great alternative to conserve resources. There are plenty of chain thrift stores everywhere, and it is only a matter of one click through your phone to check them out.

There are also second-hand shops for cool and unique pieces. Just don’t buy secondhand or thrift sneakers, as they mold to each child’s feet and carry fungi like athlete’s foot or warts.

Shop Online

Online shopping is among the best things that ever happened. You can easily buy a bulk of items, and you can save a lot of money and effort.

Plus, you avoid the hassle of going physically into the shops and waiting in line to pay.

Amazon is one of the most affordable school supplies sites, and they often offer free shipping for most of their products. Just make sure to double-check the seller and see if their deals are accurate.

Don’t Fret if You Paid Too Much

It can be frustrating to buy something for 50 cents and see the next day that it’s on sale for 5 cents.

This simply means that by watching the sales and using coupons, you are saving more money, and your kids will have the school supplies they need on time.

Do not cry over a missed deal. Instead, enjoy the time you spent with your kids while shopping.


It is not hard to conserve resources and find the best deals when you decide to buy school supplies for your kids.

Some people will donate their extras to those in need, but most of the time, you just need to find all the bargains you require. With these tricks and tips, you are ready to face the back-to-school shopping brigade.

When you buy supplies, it is much better to start early than to wait until the last minute. If you happen to have extra coupons, feel free to share them with others. They might need them, and you will earn serious kindness points.

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