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The BEST Masters Degree List Online! Earning a master’s degree from an accredited program gives you a competitive edge over your peers and positions you for advancement in the workplace.

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By nearly all measurements, employees who hold master’s degrees receive significantly more pay than their less-educated colleagues.

With the advancement of technology, it’s become increasingly possible to obtain your 6-month master’s degree online.

This means that you can earn your degree and advance your career without leaving home.

Therefore, it’s understandable if you wish to pursue your master’s degree as soon as possible.

In this article, we’ll go over some of the quickest online master’s degree programs from a variety of fields.

Also, we’ll tell you what you need to look out for when deciding your school.

How Can I Get It Online?

Let’s go over one of the most important questions related to getting your 6-month master’s degree online.

In our hustle and bustle age, we want to do everything as quickly as possible. But how quickly can you feasibly obtain a master’s degree online?

The answer is more complicated than you may think.

If you’ve done a quick Google search, you may have noticed that there are a variety of online colleges that offer master’s degrees in “six months.”

As tempting as it is to take advantage of these programs and get your degree out of the way, it’s best that you avoid these schools altogether.

Generally speaking, most of these institutions are out-of-country and are not accredited.

The last part of this is the key.

Without proper accreditation, your degree won’t hold weight. This means that you will simply waste your six months and your money.

For this reason, you want to avoid these programs and any program that offers a master’s degree in an unreasonable time frame.

The quickest you can expect to achieve your master’s degree online is in ten months, but even then, these schools are not very common.

In large part, it depends on your area of study and the school you choose on how long it will take to graduate with your master’s degree online.

Knowing this, let’s take a look at ten of the quickest online master’s degree programs.

Quickest Programs

Which colleges and universities offer the quickest online master’s degree programs?

Let’s take a look at some of the top options.

Keep in mind that the options included in this list may be specialized, meaning that not every university will offer an online master’s degree in your field.

University of Miami

Let’s start with one of the quickest online master’s degrees out there. The University of Miami offers the following accelerated programs: Master of Science in Finance (35 credits), MBA in Real Estate (40 credits), and BSN programs (55 credits).

These master’s programs take anywhere from ten months to two years. Keep in mind, however, that students with prior credits can finish their degrees even quicker.

Some, but not all, of these programs require that you be an undergraduate student at the university.

Make sure that you review this information before deciding on your school of choice.

If you are looking for a career bump in any of the above fields, consider the nationally-ranked University of Miami as your first choice for an affordable, fast online master’s degree.

Louisiana State University—Shreveport

Looking for a quality online MBA? Louisiana State University in Shreveport, a growing member of the Louisiana State University system, offers a 30-credit hour MBA that’s perfect for you!

This online degree consists of thirty credit hours and requires students to take courses in the following areas: labor and employment law, economic analysis, hospitality, and international experience.

This degree will prepare you for a greater array of business challenges in the workplace and make you more employable in the market.

The best part? This online master’s degree program can be finished in ten months to two years, so you never have to worry about waiting too long to get your degree.

Auburn University

Looking to get your online master’s degree from one of the most prominent and nationally-recognized public universities in the South?

Auburn University offers online students one of the most in-depth Masters of Accountancy programs available.

What’s of note here?

This is a 30-credit program that will certify graduates with CPA credentials following completion. That’s a pretty big deal, but it doesn’t come cheap.

It turns out that even online Auburn students have to pay similar tuition fees, meaning you will likely spend a pretty penny on this online program.

Still, it’s a great program and one that’s got its own perks. Namely, you’ll get to visit the Auburn campus for three days during orientation, something that most online programs don’t offer.

Admittedly, this may not be appealing if your primary goal for online education is convenience.

Texas A&M

Texas A&M is one of the oldest public institutions in the state of Texas and offers one of the most comprehensive online master’s education programs in the nation.

With several online options to choose from, students have their pick at master’s degrees that can be completed in one year.

Prominently, the university offers a nationally-recognized MBA program that enables students to get a competitive edge in the workplace and get that desired pay raise.

This program allows students to learn advanced skills in business analytics and business-related problem-solving.

The Texas A&M MBA typically takes two years to reach completion.

Despite this, students can finish the degree in one year if they previously graduated from the university with a Bachelor of Business Administration.

For students looking for a top MBA program and a chance at earning a master’s degree online in no time, Texas A&M University is a great starting point.

University of North Texas

The University of North Texas (UNT) offers students of all degree types a nationally-recognized education.

For those looking for online master’s programs in education, in particular, UNT provides an optimal experience and high-quality degree.

UNT’s Master of Education degree in Educational Leadership, which requires students to take ten online courses over a thirty-hour period, has been recognized by the National Council of Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE).

This means that anyone looking to get a quality master’s degree in education online in one year or less should consider the University of North Texas.

With this program, you will gain the skills necessary to take a leadership role in the school system.

This could provide for a noted career bump for those holding just bachelor’s degrees.

Ball State University

For those looking for a great education master’s degree that can be completed online in a year, Ball State University’s Master of Arts in Educational Psychology is a good first option.

This university, nationally-recognized and located in Indiana, offers some of the best-accelerated learning programs in the nation.

Students who wish to pad their resumes and move up in the field of education will learn the skills necessary to communicate with and work around kids.

With an emphasis on development and psychology, this master’s program is a great first step for that next big career move.

Though the program is more expensive than others, it offers an online master’s degree that will more than pay back its worth.

What’s more, as the program is only thirty credit hours, you can complete it in less than a year (though you have up to eighteen months).

Southern New Hampshire University

For students looking for an affordable online CPA master’s education, Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU) offers a quality MBA program that ranks among the best for online colleges.

The university’s MBA in Accounting program offers students a look at advanced accounting skills that could advance their practices and further their careers.

Students looking to enroll in SNHU’s MBA in Accounting course can expect to study portfolio management, capital budgeting, and other accounting skills over a fifteen-month period.

The way the program’s set up, students will take two courses every ten-week term.

Compared to other online master’s programs of similar length and quality, SNHU offers students an affordable alternative that’s actually one of the cheapest around.

If you’re looking to further your career through an online master’s education, it may be time to consider an MBA in accounting from SNHU.

Campbellsville University

Are you looking for an online education that’s a little more down to Earth?

Campbellsville University has been recognized as one of the top private Christian universities in the United States—and the fourth most affordable.

This means that quality education is guaranteed from Campbellsville.

In total, the university has sixteen master’s degree programs that can be completed online.

These programs offer education in the fields of theology, business, social work, and more, with some degrees eligible for completion in one year.

Full Sail University

Nestled in Winter Park, Florida, Full Sail University offers comprehensive master’s degree programs in the following areas: games, business, art and design, technology, media, and communications, and sports.

Full Sail University designs its programs to give you maximum convenience.

That’s why all these programs are available completely online and are able to be completed in twelve months.

With an education from Full Sail University, you will be able to take the next step in your career while building valuable life skills that will improve the quality of your life.

What’s more, this university offers a unique learning platform that will keep you engaged.

With mobile learning and degree programs of twelve one-month classes that range between three to four credit hours, the university provides students with a new way to learn and build marketable value.

Every student will receive their schedule approximately two weeks before the start of their courses, with schedules given on a monthly basis.

If you’re looking for a new way to learn, it’s maybe time to consider Full Sail University today!

Louisiana State University

Located in the heart of Baton Rouge, Louisiana State University (LSU) offers a variety of online master’s degree programs.

Many of these programs can be completed online within a year, making the school an ideal option for anyone who is looking for an accelerated online degree.  

In particular, LSU’s Master of Science in Human Resource Education offers students with a fast-track option into the upper realms of human resources.

This thirty credit hour course is the way to go for anyone looking for a speedy entry into the world of HR.

With tuition costs ranging from $451-$1080 per credit hour, LSU’s online master’s degree programs are a relatively affordable option.

While they are pricier than some items on this list, keep in mind that a master’s from LSU carries more weight than a master’s from a lesser-known institution.

In deciding your future online master’s degree program, you want to take into consideration more than just the speed to which you can earn the degree.

Don’t Forget

This brings us to our next point. Don’t merely focus on the speed of your degree when making your decision.

Remember that there are more important considerations in mind.

A degree that takes fifteen months from a nationally-recognized university is better than a degree that takes twelve months from a college no one knows about.  

You want to take the time to really investigate your options and invest your time and money into a master’s degree program that works for you and gives you the best opportunity to succeed once you graduate.

Factors to consider include: university prestige, tuition costs, duration of the degree, and scheduling flexibility.

The Bottom Line

The ten universities provided in this guide allow you a look at some of the quickest online master’s degree programs in 2019.

If you are looking to advance your career in a timely manner, check out any one of these quality online master’s degree programs today!

Who knows? You may just find the option that’s right for you. And once you do, it will be all smooth sailing from there.

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